Treffer Power System Solution Pvt. Ltd


T-RTPFC panel is an integration of CRCA powder coated MS Sheet enclosure , fully wired with Self healing MPP capacitor & Reactor , capacitor duty Thyristor, fan,APFCR, all switchgears, with IP protection , busbar AL/CU, with IEC STD, a) The thyristor switched contactor shall be capable of handling the continuous current of 130% of the rated capacitor current at rated voltage of 415V. The blocking voltage of the thyristor switch during off Condition should be minimum 1800 Volt peak. Every thyristor switch should be capable of handling the dv/dt of 2000 Volts/ S. b) The thyristor switched contactor used shall turn on at zero differential voltage across it. This zero differential voltage tolerance shall not exceed 6 Volts peak value around zero. c) The time delay between turn off and subsequent turn on should be as minimum as possible and in the range of milliseconds. There should not be any discharge devices across capacitor that can exceed the watt loss of more than 30 watt.